Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's a...

Well I get to add another item to the list of significant events on October 25th, though the latest happened the day after I’m still going to count it.

October 25, 2001- My last football game with TJ- the best game of my short football career

October 25, 2002- Went to the Temple to receive my endowment; Opened my mission call to the Belgium Brussells/Netherlands Mission

October 25, 2008- Wedding reception in Council Bluffs

October 26, 2010- Found out the gender of the baby

So yesterday before we found out the gender of the baby, I was very nervous/anxious/excited. The only other times in my life where I had those exact feelings were before opening my mission call, on the plane coming home from my mission, proposing to Emily, right before getting married, and now right before finding out the gender of the baby. It was exciting because this meant that our baby was a him or her now, and we didn’t have to keep saying ‘it’.

So drumroll……………………………….it’s a boy!

We both knew it all along, we really did. Saturday I was saying that I was 92% sure it was a boy. It’s amazing how watching the ultrasound you just feel that you’ve always known this baby and that he really does fit in our family. I’m sure I’ll keep having those feelings, but it’s just awesome to be able to have a better image of what life will be like with him, what he’ll do in his life, him going through a lot of the same experiences I did as the oldest boy in the family, etc. Fitting his personality, he was sitting Indian-style with his legs crossed, trying to be funny and not let us know what he is. The nurse went for different angles and was too quick for him. He’s “perfectly normal” she says...that’s also very good to hear.

The part that kind of stinks now is that I have to wait 4 ½ months before I get to play catch with him. (Ha, isn’t it funny how I get teary-eyed just thinking about doing all the dad-son things?!?!) What stinks for him is that he has to wait a whole year before watching college football with his dad. He kicked for the first time Saturday during the football game. We’re not sure if he was kicking because he was mad Mom wasn’t there or because he was mad at BYU (he might be watching from above). I’m going to do a better job of telling him the final scores on Saturdays and discussing the progress of the team with him. I’m glad he was able to go jet skiing a few times in the summer, it kept him happy. On a more serious note, the first thing I thought of when I heard that he’s official a boy was giving him the Priesthood (dang it, again the teary eyes). I know we have a stud in Emmy’s tummy. Some time you’ll have to hear Emmy’s side of hearing news…no doubt she’ll be a great mom. She’s done a great job putting up with a difficult kid, now there’s two of us!


Camille said...

hurray hurray hurray!!

mamabluffs said...

That was very touching. You're an amazing writer! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Hey,Hey,Paula said...

Congratulations! and we are having a girl! How exciting that you and Calla grew up together are now expecting your first children at the same time! *tear*

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