Monday, January 17, 2011

Editor's note: So this is written in Council Bluffs font, but I guess it won't show up as that if you don't have it installed. This post probably won't make much sense either.

This post comes to you thanks to Kyle. Freshman year he made my handwriting into a font. It was all fun and dandy until one day I came home from classes and saw a note that ready something like this; i

Dear Kyle,

Hope you had a good day at school, I’m going to clean the apartment, starting with the kitchen and then the bathroom. Go ahead and eat my ice cream too, watch out for spatulas in the ice cream, though.


-Council Bluffs

Something like that.

So yeah, it’s pretty cool to have a font named after me. I can’t do apostrophes, but who needs those anyway!! I don't have a colon in my font, so I just use the lowercase i. Sad thing is that my handwriting literally hasn’t changed since like fifth grade. I guess I don’t have numbers on here either.


Coach Vaughn said...

I love typing in Council Bluffs Font! For those of you who want to see it, you can go to this old blog post of mine.
Council Bluffs Font

Coach Vaughn said...

Hmmm...That link didn't seem to work. If you copy and paste this, it will take you there.

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