Sunday, January 30, 2011

We went to AZ last week. Holy cow it was sooooooo nice! We might become snowbirds later on. The reason we went down was to see Grandpa Richardson. It was nice spending time with him, we took him on a long walk and went on a drive with him. Grandma posted pictures on her blog:

We went first to Vegas to see Em's sister, Becky. When we went from Vegas to Phoenix we went on this new bridge to bypass all the windy roads (the English language stinks again! Windy and windy (air--wind) is the same spelling, that is terrible-- maybe I should have said winding) to the Hoover Dam. Anyway, it was really lame driving on it, until we saw this picture of what we actually drove on. This picture is old, though, and doesn't have the completed road, but you can imagine it with the road.

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