Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Better Half

Something that I preach to my single buds is that you know you found the one when you'd rather hang out with her than your roommates. That says a lot about Emmy, because I had some fun roommates. From day one Emmy was just awesome. First time I talked to her was in October 2006. Pdub (Sara Skids) went to General Conference with her and later mentioned that I should ask her out. I remember being in Sacrament Meeting and trying to look her way without being creepy or obvious that I was interested. My first conversation with her was after a ward FHE activity where we talked about the best drinking fountains on campus. A few months later I took her to a basketball game and then ice cream afterwards. After the date, I don’t know why but I didn’t wipe off snow that accumulated on her car as we parted. That’s still one of my biggest regrets in life; that and losing to Travis in the squirt gun war (some things I’ll just never get over, ya know). Fall 2007, when I was home working for Mitt Romney’s campaign, out of the blue Emmy emailed me, so I emailed her back and ended up going to Provo for a weekend. I introduced her to werewolves, a boyfriend, a best friend, and then took off. Winter 2008 I was back in Provo for school and me and Emmy pretty much hit it off right away and started dating. The rest is history.

Some of my favorite stories that describe Emmy well:
-When she was a kid and she’d get scared at night, she would go to her parents room and stand by her mom’s side and just looked at her. She didn’t want to wake her up, but she needed her at the same time. Sometime she’d be staring for like an hour before her mom would wake up. It’s just funny because Emmy needs love/comforting, but she doesn’t want to be a burden either. A few times I’ve opened my eyes and seen Emmy looking at me. Makes me wonder how many times she’s done it. I joke about this, but seriously, the only things Emmy needs in life are sleep, a water bottle at night, love, and giving love to others.

-Emmy’s family went to Europe and on the long flight over, her bro fell asleep on her shoulder. It made it really difficult for her to fall asleep or doing anything else like read a book. She didn’t want to wake him, though, so she just sat there for like 3 or 4 hours with him on her shoulder.

Emmy is the best example of Christ-like charity that I know of. She has a natural love for people, which is really difficult to have. The side that I wish more people could see of her is how funny and witty she is. She’s had these alter-personalities since she was like 12 and they are hilarious. She’s also great to talk with. When we go on car rides, it doesn’t matter if the car ride is 14 hours, 3 hours, 22 hours, it doesn’t matter, we never get bored talking to each other.
I definitely married my best friend.
Happy b-day Emmy!


Sara and Justin said...

I'm so glad you guys are married. I always thought you'd make a good couple. I love Emily! Happy Birthday, girl!

Emily said...

You're so sweet, my Kasey. Thank you! :)

Sara, I'm so glad you suggested me! I thought you were pretty darn awesome when I met you at Conference... still do! You're so kind!It's too bad you guys don't live closer to us. :(

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