Friday, May 20, 2011

You got Jo'd

Before there was Jimmer, there was the more famous Jimmer, and before that, there was the Jo. Early on, Carrie was that little sister who annoyed you cause she wanted to be around you and play with you, terrible, huh? Growing up in a boy-dominated family she realized she had a few weapons in her arsenal against her brothers- her violin and singing. She successfully got me and Skyler in trouble, mostly Skyler, by utilizing these weapons. Sky often had to dance with her as punishment. Later on in jr high and then high school when girls were alright, a sister close in age was no longer an enemy but an ally. I realized she was pretty cool and fun to be also helped that she was a cheerleader which meant she had cheerleader friends too. My senior year me and carrie did show choir and were in a play tgether. We were tight and only became more and more tight since then. College was awesome, and a big part of why it was awesome was because of Carrie. Our tightness is what led to moving to park place and played a contributing part in me meeting Emmy, Kyle meeting Becca, Alan meeting Nieman, and Carrie meeting Bret.

Me and Carrie are still tight as evidenced by this sweet gift she gave me (some think it was for Jimmer, but please).

Getting Jo’d means chatting with Carrie, doing fun things with her, and seeing how neat of a person she is. She’s a thoughtful and awesome sister, and life just really would be much more dull without her

Anyway, hope you someday get Jo'd. Happy b-day Carrie Jo!


Skyler and Rebekah said...

Agreed. As the person who probably has been Jo'd the most, I would like to wish you a happy birthday. Way to be a good person Jo. I'm a much better dancer because of you and I'll never forget the Beck mission statement.

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness thank you! Best birthday gift ever, even got a little teary eyed. I'm so glad to have such amazing brothers. I'm glad I wasn't the annoying sister forever but felt I played the part well at that age. I definitely credit my amazing college experience to you too Kasey.

And Skyler, I think we will always have a special bond too because of the dancing. I guess Mom and Dad weren't crazy.

I love you guys! Thank you.

Sara and Justin said...

I love the Beck family!! Happy Birthday Carrie!

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