Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Not only do I not like spelling the word but today was an example of how ineffective they can be run! The School of Technology is having its annual Christmas party. So I sent out probably 70 invitations. The funny thing is that half of those invitations were to professors and we put invitations into their mail boxes here in the office. So we're wasting like $20 or something.
Bureaucracies waste money because they are given their budget each year. If it's close to the end of the year and they haven't spent their budget they will make unnecessary purchases so that their next year's budget isn't significantly smaller. Totally a waste of money!

I'm trying to think of someone to hook Heather up with.

Yesterday I was playing around on the BYU service website and it said there was an urgent need for a basketball coach for Meridian Middle School. I emailed them and said I'd do it, but didn't really think they'd take me serious. Well I got an email saying stuff like, "we're so excited," "the boys didn't think they'd have a team this year," etc. So it's looking like I'll start coaching a middle school basketball team in a couple weeks. Weird! I'm going to have Gavin help me cause I haven't played basketball since high school and forgot how practices should be run. My goal is to get kicked out of a game by a ref, and make a kid cry...j/k.

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