Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Uganda, Holland, here we come!

So I found out that there's a good chance that my flight to Uganda in the Spring will go through Amsterdam. So I'm thinking about making it a weeklong layover- the Spring is the best time to visit Holland because the flowers are all in full bloom. I'm hoping that'll work out, that would be awesome!
In Uganda I'll be doing projects like building houses, teaching English, working with Micro-credit, teaching Square Foot Gardening, etc. I'll be in Uganda from May 7th-June 17th (roughly) and then I want to do a week safari or climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. How cool would that be?!!! Skyler, Cecilia, and Sara are interested, along with a mission buddy and his girlfriend. Everybody should come!

Dallas is cool.


Anonymous said...

you know...Dallas really is a cool kid.

Dallas said...

hey, thanks buddy. i do what i can.

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