Sunday, January 21, 2007

I love my camera

It was a fun weekend. I really like the Wolverines game. Yesterday we played with a bunch of people from the ward...seriously we have the coolest ward ever. Kyle and Chelsea are back together...I'm happy. Maybe the seesaw will be broken. It needs to be, because it keeps the vulcrum down. Last Friday we had a b-day party for Chelsea. I wrote her a poem:

Chelsea Wellsea is a girl,
Who sometimes has hair in a curl.

Fruit rollup the second is her blog,
Someday she will probably own a dog.

Sie spricht Deutsch sehr gut.
Uhhh, das alles, what's with all this root beer?

She is Cinderella, the princess,
And has smiles of excess.

We were engaged once, her and I,
Then she dumped me, and I wanted to die.

Soccer is her sport,
She is the athletic sort.

Mesa, Arizona is her home,
She wants to vacation to Rome.

Her roommates tell me that she likes boys,
But teaching Sunday School is what brings her her greatest joys.

She has arms... and legs,
And is now legal to be around kegs.

Age 21 she'll be,
Yesiree, Miss Chelsea Wellsea.

Yeah, that was fun coming up with. I posted several pics of the party and other stuff below.
So Saturday my team won our first game. It was really exciting, even though it was one of the sloppiest games I've ever seen. But as LaVell Edwards would say, "all you have to do to win a game is score more points."

I got my guy last Wednesday in the squirt gun competition. He wasn't too happy, but that's life, huh? My bro knows somebody who knows the next person I'm supposed to kill (or squirt), so we're working on him. I bet I'm hard to track down...unless a friend betrays me.

Hillary Clinton announced she's running. Gosh...I do not want her to win. She is the extreme politician. She will say whatever needs to be said to get power. She told her NY voters when she was running for NY senate that she was running to help NY and that is what she would do in her term. I guess she lied about that.

DON'T EAT PETE!!! I love that game.

Kyle told us a story.

She's a happy b-day girl.

Chelsea's face when she first walked in. Notice all the bubbles.

We all had problems to tell Alan, the bartender at Chelsea's 21 b-day party.


The girls in #9 came and did a dance for us...more or less.

Cannon is calling a phone number off the fridge.

This is a kinda weird trash can in the bottom floor of the Marriott Center.
At the basketball game, they showed clips of BYU's season. Does anybody know what clip this is?

Meeting in Metropolis, Amanda isn't really taller than me.

Cosmo pointed at us when we sat in the first row in the stands...BABY!

Kyle, before he cut his hair

A cool sunset picture


Carrie said...

So I'm pretty sure this weekend could compete to be one of the most eventful/craziest weekends ever. Does anyone else agree? So much happened!!

Cannon said...

Why yes, yes it has been crazy. I updated my blog! Just in case you were wondering though, that isn't what made my weekend eventful per say.

Chelsea said...


Schmec said...

ok kasey i caved. as in, i (becca) have a blog. i'm still embarrassed though...can't wait for that to wear off.

Cannon said...

Embarrassment, my friend, best rubs off not when outworn, but rubbed in. Ha ha! You have a blog! Cannon welcomes you into the blogging community.

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