Friday, January 26, 2007


I've heard two quotes recently, one is from the Puritans and the other from Pres. Packer. Who said what:

"The greatest battles of life are fought within the confines of one's own soul."

"Xerxes the great did die, and so will you and I"

Ok, so it's pretty obvious; our humanities class showed us what was in a Puritan alphabet book for kids, and that was in it, along with lots of other references to death and your worthlessness. I can't remember if I've talked about this or not but Mormons are often compared to the Puritans. We both stress the importance of being different from the world but we also don't want much difference within our societies. We also place religious significance of the founding of America and God's help in liberation from Great Britain.

We have a basketball game tomorrow at 10:00 at Timpview H.S. It's against the first team we played so we're doing a couple of special things because we know what's coming.

I really like my raquetball class and really think it's helping me improve. My instructor is really good and is teaching us his favorite serves. He really favors the lob, which was strange at first because I though raquetball was all about power, but he's teaching us that, like other sports, it's a mind game, positioning the ball, and playing to your opponent's weaknesses. It's like life. J/k.

I became a little worldly yesterday and finally bought some songs on itunes. Actually, I just really wanted the songs: I can only imagine by Mercy Me, and Devil went down to Georgia and Even Superman by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband.

I felt really sick yesterday and am not feeling too well today either. I like being independent because I know exactly what I need to take care of myself and help me feel better: ice cream. I went to Smith's and bought butterfinger ice cream, came home and ate that while watching tv. I did feel better. Me and ice cream go way back. In high school and on my mission when bad things happened, I would get ice cream. In high school, my dad thought I was having a difficult time with something so he took me to TCBY treats. That was awesome! My throat was killing me, I was in bed for two hours before I fell asleep.

Three cheers for ice cream: hip-hip hooray, hip-hip hooray, hip-hip hooray!


Jacob said...

amen, hallelujah, and hip-hip hooray! I scream for icecream

Jamie said...

hey kasey!

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