Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So I'm sitting in the library right now, in the computer lab with my back to lots of people. I obviously have a lot to learn about playin it safe. I'm very paranoid that any moment someone will squirt me with a water gun and I'll be out. So if I end this blog entry early, ya'll will know why.

Hats off to the democrats. They are really trying to lower student loan interest rates. They're trying to do other things to help college students out from accruing huge amounts of debts.

Senator Barrick Obama announced he'll run for president. His father is from Kenya and his mother is an American. He grew up in Hawaii and is now a senator for Illinois. He's a colorful guy and even though he's only been a senator for 2 years, he's one of the frontrunners for the democratic presidential ticket. I like him, but probably because he's making Hillary upset.

School is good. I dropped my Isys classes so I can concentrate more on the classes I'm taking now. I HAVE to get straight A's.

I'm leaving...this is killing me.

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