Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Haha, it was a fun day on Cougarboard. A BYU student wrote a letter to the editor about how there's too much Jimmermania. Man Cougarboard let her have it...but in a good way. Most of the responses were just funny statements about Jimmer, not mean things to her. Overnight people swarmed her facebook profile. I got to it a little late, I think I was the 600th person to post. Anyway, I hope that she thinks it's funny, takes it in stride, and comes to a basketball game with a Jimmer jersey or something. What's crazy is how this has made national news. Some of the comments are a little sacrilegious which I don't like, but some are just downright hilarious!
"Why did Jimmer cross the road? Because he got tired of crossing over Tre'Von!"

  • "Jimmer can kill two stones with one bird."

  • "jimmerboard.net because he never hits rim."

Jimmer once lapped someone...in a 50 yard dash...

Jimmer Fredette can speak French...in Russian

Jimmer has never had a heart attach, nor will he ever. Not even his heart is foolish enough to attack.

Even Jimmer's enemy's list him as their emergency contact

Jimmer can get McDonalds breakfast AFTER 10:30 am

Someday 9th East will be named after Jimmer. Students living east of the street will be out of luck because nobody crosses jimmer and lives

Am I surprised that Jimmer goes sledding uphill?

Jimmer doesn't need night vision, the night needs "jimmer vision"

Jimmer is the reason why Waldo is hiding!

there is no control button on Jimmer's computer. Jimmer is always in control

Jimmer put humpty dumpty back together again

Why did Jimmer cross the road? Cause he got tired of crossing over Tre'von!!!

If Jimmer ever got pulled over for speeding, he would let the cops off with a warning

UFO's spotted over Utah on Jan. 26? The aliens just wanted to see Jimmer drop 43 on the Aztecs.

Your facebook page has been Jimmered. If you don't know what that means, ask Tre'von Willis

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You need help, you need to get out of provo!!!

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