Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, Emmy went to the doctor's, she's dialated to a 2. Doctor said the baby can come any day, especially since he has no room to go cause of how small Emmy is. Emmy had a pretty lousy weekend- not feeling well and just being very uncomfortable, so it helped to hear that she's up to a 2. There really is no more room for the baby to grow, he's right up to the surface, I'm already playing with him- got him all excited for the San Diego State game the other day. AWESOME game by the way! The doctor also said they want to induce Emmy the 10th or 11th if the baby hasn't come yet. 11th is nice because it's a Friday...and his daddy also came on a Friday. But the 10th would be better so I don't miss a BYU basketball and the baby would be off to a bad start if he makes me miss a game. I may have to punish him if that happened, a timeout or stand in the corner or something.


Carrie said...

Yay! Sounds pretty exciting!

If I were you, I would just plan on missing the game. If baby does come on the 10th - you will probably be very tired and very occupied by a newborn. But I think you will find he will definitely be worth it.

Can't wait to see my first nephew!

mamabluffs said...

Oh....I just can't wait to meet the little guy!!!!

Coach Vaughn said...

Becca and I are so excited!

Suzanne said...

Hope that everything goes well for both of them.

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