Friday, October 12, 2007

And then some

Why is Hillary trying so hard to take our money? Why does she want to take away our freedom? She has proposed $5,000 baby bonds, matching IRA contributions up to $1,000, nationwide broadband network, and the funniest thing she said recently was that she had over a million ideas but the nation couldn't afford her ideas. Congressman Charlie Rangel from Harlem proposed a trillion dollar tax, which would basically redistribute a third of our income. When did this nation go socialist? Europe is trying to become more like America...and America is trying to become more like Europe. Socialism is the government taking over the economy and redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor. It doesn't promote productivity. Capitalism is about the government mostly staying out of the economy, letting it run by itself, inspiring competition, which brings about more productivity. Ezra Taft Benson wrote about why socialism is of the devil. The bottom line is that they are taking away our freedoms by limiting what we can do, where we can spend our money, etc.

One of the greatest things about America is that if you work hard you are rewarded. Our nation leads in innovation and technology because there is so much competition to be better than the next business. This lowers prices and brings about self-employment. No other nation produces more entrepreneurs than ours. The US pays the cheapest prices in the world in several goods, including gas. We dominate all others, including 2nd place China, in GDP. The government uses our taxes to improve our conditions and help others around the world. Bush instituted several tax cuts. Several thought this was a bad idea, but now people are seeing that this was actually a good thing. Government revenue is at an all-time high. Because people are able to keep more money, they spend more, they employ more, they invest more...these things improve others' finances and brings in more money in taxes. Unemployment is really low, companies are doing well, the economy is doing very well right now. Incredible isn't it!! It really isn't a hard concept that if people are able to keep more things go really well.

What motivation do I have to be more productive if I just had to give it to the government? This is why communism failed in Russia and Eastern Europe...and China (China is still communist, but their economy really isn't, they are more just a totalitarian government). Venezuela will soon find out that socialism isn't the way to go and if we elect Hillary or any of the other Democrats who want to take us to death we will receive the consequences.

What government program is successful besides the defense department? It's really hard to think of one. Than why would we want the government to take over more health care?!! We have the best health care system in the world. Canadians and foreigners all over who are on long wait lists come here where they can help immediately. Let people choose for themselves...let the free market perform! I can't believe we haven't learned these things already. There's a reason we have the most productive economy...because we allow people to have the freedom to choose what to do with their money. We have promoted productivity by letting people hold on to their money. I fear for our nation because we are turning more socialist. We need to preserve the freedoms that our founding fathers fought so hard to preserve.

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