Saturday, October 20, 2007


For help, for health, for good weather...for not dieing.

Mile 1- This isn't so bad. It would be really boring if we just ran back and forth from the start to mile 1, 13 times.
2- Wow, somebody could cheat pretty easily right here.
3- (whistle, whistle)
4- Kinda sweet that we get to run in Nebraska, then Iowa, on the South Dakota border.
5- First major incline. Man it stinks, sewage doesn't smell good, especially when you're running.
6- That wasn't so, how does this guy who stops for every drink and goes to the bathroom a lot keep on catching up with us?
7- OUCH! Where did that come from?
8- Guy to me: Over there is where Iowa's first state fair happened. Lewis and Clark came up the river over there, ya know.
9- I think everything is numb now...sweet, crusin right along. I should probably be embarrassed that old guys are passing me.
10- I should have eaten more oranges at that last stand.
11- K, here's the first devil hill that people told me about.
12- Almost done with this hill
13- K, halfway there, I wouldn't mind just running back the same way, the scenery was gorgeous.
14- Maybe I'll be able to run the whole way
15- "dare you to run" "I can go the distance, I know every mile will be worth my while." I think I have a memory with all of these songs.
16- Haha, Nope. OUCH! It's back.
17- Oh my gosh I hate this hill, this is the real devil hill. How do we have such steep inclines like this in Iowa?!
18- Hill, you should end right now. I thought they said the hill is only up to mile 17?!
19- Ya is like that. A lot of devil hills and miles 15-18, but on the downhill there's always a sweet old lady to give you gatorade.
20- This bites.
21- Don't think about the pain, don't think about the pain.
22-25- Pain, torture, cruelty...evil world, life bites. My legs hate me. I don't like my right knee right now. How is it possible to hurt in every inch of my legs?!
26.2- (deep breath)...yes. it's over, I did it, these oranges are good. Sup Jamie? Where can I fall over and die? Life is good. All is well. Accomplishment.


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Bret & Carrie said...

Wow, good job!

Ray said...

Congratulations!!! That's awesome!!

Beck Fam said...

Attaboy Kasey, attaboy.

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