Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Then and Now

A couple weeks ago Colby and the AL football team beat our city rivals- TJ 20-6. It was going there sitting on the away side. I went to the other side to talk to a couple old coaches- Mr. Beyenhof and Coach Olsen. While I was over there I remembered how much I despised TJ in high school. I feel the same way about U of Utah now. I really hope we slaughter them. Jamie was out there cheering and I thought of something cool that I hadn't thought of before. When we were all really little we would play on our football team, the BYU Becks. Our basement was our stadium. I remember how it looked too with the ugly yellow carpet and underneath the stairs was our locker room. We used tape as the yard lines, and we made uniforms for ourselves. Carrie and Jamie were cheerleaders, I was the quarterback, Dallas was the center, Colby was the running back, and Skyler was the receiver. Kayla, unfortunetely, wasn't around, we probably would have put her on the field. Now that I think about it, I think Carrie was the center and Dallas was the running back sometimes, probably before we let Colby and Jamie hang out with the "older kids"...and Dallas. So yeah, I thought it was cool seeing Jamie cheer for Colby. I can't believe I didn't think of how cool it was when Carrie would cheer for me, and then later Dallas.

At the game I ran into a couple of old friends from my class that I played football with. It was cool catching up with them but it was different. You can really see what drinking in college has done to them. We talked about our last game our senior year, which was against TJ. We were the away team, it was really cold, but the stadium was packed. It was an amazing game. I was so nervous the whole week before because it was my last football game. Football was a big part of my life in high school, so it was hard to see it end. But we won it in the final seconds with a field goal...it was a magical finish. It was the best game of my life and my last carry was for a touchdown. I was really grateful to go out like that. It's funny running into old coaches who like to inflate my stats. They'll see me and say, "Kasey Beck, TJ game, what'd ya have 200 yards or something?" "Ha, yep," I always reply.

Haha, I can't believe I forgot to write about this a month and a half ago when it happened. So I was looking for another job (who knows why). Actually I saw this ad for an international business looking for people who were hard workers and liked making money (I know I know I should have seen the signs). Anyway, so I made an appointment with them. I went in, talked with the receptionist and then talked with a guy in a room where lots of people were talking one on one with other biz reps. We talked and then gave a presentation. This was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It just seemed that everything was fake, for one it was an herbal supplement company, kinda like Herbal Life, but not so well known. Whenever the speaker asked a question everybody around me would simultaneously say yes, knodding their heads, and be all excited about the answers saying things like "yes" or "sure." It was really funny seeing all these people act in unison. It was pretty obvious that the other people around me weren't really perspective employees but reps sitting in so I wouldn't be the only one in there. Once when these people were doing this I was looking around the room at the people and then I saw another guy who wasn't responding either; he looked at me and we communicated the same thing to each other with our expressions, "haha, this is hilarious."

Marathon this Saturday. Race starts at 7:00 AM. 26 miles. Yikes.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of House and other House Democrats are doing the most idiotic thing of the decade. They have decided that because they don't have the guts to cut funding for the war or end it through the proper means, they are going to fight dirty. They have decided to vote on declaring that the Ottoman Empire committed genocide against the Armenians back in the early 1900's. Yes, there is no question that it was genocide, but why say that now? There is no logical reason. The timing is extremely bad and intentional. They are clearly trying to hurt our troops. Turkey is our ally in Iraq and allows us to use their air space and facilities to transport water and supplies to our troops. Turkey is furious about this vote and are saying that irreversible damage would be done if Congress voted in favor of this. This is sparking talks in Turkey of invading Northern Iraq to deal with a rebel Kurdish group that hides there. And this has caused oil prices to go up and the whole stock market has extremely suffered the past couple days. So all these severe problems are happening because Nancy Pelosi and other high-up Democrats in the House are spineless, selfish, desperate, idiots who are endangering our troops, deteriorating our relations with a key ally, causing a domino effect harming the global economy. Idiots.

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