Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kasey Beck Unleashed

I'm getting really sick of uncivilized politics and this big game they are playing in Washington. Some politicians are really bothering me because they consider some voters to be stupid essentially. They will use the "drive-by media," hoping that some will only see a headline and base a judgement on a cheap smear. Let me explain...

During the week of September 11th, General David Petraeus came from Iraq and gave a report of the current status of the war because Congress (headed by the Democrats) asked him to, back in early summer. Before he came, Democrats had already dismissed his report because they said he was a mouthpiece of Bush's propaganda. Back in August, some Democrats had even said that if Petraeus gave a favorable report of the current status of the war, then that would be a real problem for them. Holy cow, winning the war is a problem?!?! We are winning, things are changing there, and it would be the biggest mistake ever for us to just leave right now. That statement just sums up the problem with politics today, and especially the problem I've seen with the Democratic Party- they are not based on principles, they only want power. They are not doing what's best for the country. They want the government to control every part of society. The model they look to is European socialism. They look at "good things" of the European nations but refuse to look at their struggling economies and escalating moral problems. They believe the typical citizen is stupid and needs the government to take control of their life. They have this obsession with controlling our lives and it's starting to come out in the different things that have happened recently: Hillary's health care proposal, her baby bonds, matching retirement funds, and California passing a law saying you can't smoke in some homes.

Petraeus came and gave a detailed report about the war, saying the surge had largely succeeded in making the Anbar province safer. He also said that Iran is fighting a proxy war with us, supplying Shia militants with weapons, bombs, and suicide bombers. Democrats let Petraeus have it. They did everything they could to discredit his report. They personally attacked him, questioned everything about it, and just treated him with little to no respect. The New York Times gave a $100,000 discount to a far left, very liberal website to print a full page advertisement with the title: General Betray Us. They took it to the next level in personally attacking the General for giving a report that Democrats had asked for. The Senate passed a resolution denouncing, but several key Democrats such as Hillary and Obama refused to sign and refused to denounce They were even involved in the very critical interviews with him. How could they treat a 4-star general with such disrespect and expect to work with him if they were elected to president? How could they belittle somebody like this who is dedicated to defending the US? Stupid cake eater tricks.

Ok, so then around this time Columbia invited Iran's president, Pres. Ahmadinejad, to speak. I just couldn't believe this. Here is a person who is ruling his nation like a dictator, has called for the destruction of the US and Israel, is responsible for smuggling arms into the hands of militants in Iraq, is defying UN resolutions by persuing nuclear energy, and denies the Holocaust. He is evil. It would be like asking Hitler to come and speak at a university here in the US. Anyway, so he comes and Columbia's president, Lee Bollinger, rips Ahmadinejad up and down. He really put a number on him, calling him a petty and cruel dictator, etc. Ok, now obviously Ahmadinejad is everything Bollinger called him and more, but this was such a bad move. You don't invite somebody and then bash them, that's so disrespectful. The other really dumb thing is that a liberal such as Bollinger exposed himself. He's part of the far left who says we've made a huge mistake in invading Iraq and should leave now, Bush is evil, etc. They really do know what the stakes are in Iraq and how crucial it is to be there and prevent Iran from making more chaos...but they are the way they are to appease to the very far left because they fear them. It's the same with Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. Sure they say things the far left likes, but in reality they know we should be in Iraq and the next president will not withdraw the troops. They know that and are starting to shy away from Iraq as an issue.

I listen to a lot of talk radio, which is dominated by the conservative media. I listen to a lot of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly. They blasted liberals for their harassment of General Petraeus. The past couple of weeks have been interesting, as liberals have tried to "get even." Bill O'Reilly did a show about how African-Americans like 50 cent, Snoop Dog, and other people like that give African-Americans a bad name and how the media doesn't give enough attention to accomplished African-Americans. Bill said how he went to a restaurant with Al Sharpton in Harlem and was surprised with its quality. The liberal media, CNN and CNBC, ripped on Bill for saying such things...even though they knew the context of the conversation. They took a couple disjointed statements and pretty much lived up to the definition of slander. It is irresponsible news reporting, dishonesty, slander, and just really bad stuff. I've lost all respect for CNN and CNBC. Apparently so have thousands of other Americans as their ratings have sharply slipped recently.

And then there's Senator Harry Reid...oh brother. Our Senate Majority Leader took this smear campaign to the Senate Floor and is so obsessed with getting cheap shots in that he's using his office more for political gain and power than doing good for the American people. A couple weeks ago ABC did a special on a "soldier" who said that he had received a Purple Medal for his long and courageous service in Iraq. This soldier is now here talking about why we should get out of Iraq and all that stuff. Anyway, turns out this soldier was only enlisted for 40 some days and then quit. So ABC did a special on "phony soldiers." Well Rush was really upset with this and in a comment about them he called them "phony soldiers." Harry gets furious and took a resolution to the Senate Floor saying that the Senate should denounce Rush for his comments because they attack troop morale. Can you believe this?!! There was a phony soldier, ABC called them that as well and didn't get any condemnation from Harry Reid, and there is such a thing as free speech in this country! Harry has gone downhill. He said the other day that right-wingers such as Ezra Taft Benson have led members of the Church astray. Did he just say that a prophet led members astray?! Now I'll agree that most of Pres. Benson's statements came before he was prophet, and there is a difference between revelation from a prophet and political ideas of a prophet, but still to condemn somebody like that is crossing the line in my opinion. But figures that would come from Harry Reid who I respect as a person, but not as a politician. He is dishonest, unethical, unprincipled, didn't vote for banning gay marriage when he says that he believes it is wrong and the First Presidency asked us to support a ban. He is just like Tom Daschle and will go down just like Daschle went down. Those that play that game will get what's coming to them.

Justice Clarrence Thomas came out with a book, My Grandfather's Son, a couple weeks ago. I was able to catch a little of Sean Hannity's interview with him. Clarrence went on about how uncivilized politics have become, how when he was nominated for the Supreme Court he had to go through so much humilition and personal attacks from people he admired- politicians. He said how he felt he was reduced to nothing, and mentioned how liberals tried to be the party for minorities, but once someone believes something contrary to liberal views (such as opposition to abortion) they are treated as an enemy. Now this was 16 years ago. It has gotten a lot worse. I agree that nominations should be taken seriously, but there is no need for nominees such as John Bolton, John Robert, Samuel Alito, and others to be treated in such an uncivilized way.

That is what politics has become...using uncivilized and unethical tactics to get more power, hold onto it through whatever means possible. I see it on both sides, but I mostly see it coming from the Democrats...and it's ticking me off.


Bret & Carrie said...

Did you know that Harry Reid spoke at the BYU Forum on Tuesday? You should watch the broadcast, you would probably find it amusing.

Council Bluffs said...

Yeah, I read the transcripts. I respect the guy...but man, I dunno about him.

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