Monday, December 10, 2007


Speaking of politics...I am very disappointed in Iowans right now. I can't believe how they have flipped so much on Mitt. Huckabee is winning right now here, because he is portraying himself as the "Christian candidate." I am stunned that Iowans are making religion an issue and voting for Huckabee because he's not Mormon. If Huckabee were to get the nomination I am really not sure if I could vote for him, because he's the only candidate that has offended me personally. He is playing the God card in his campaign by saying that the reason he's pulled ahead is because of God's help. Glenn Beck asked Huck if he could vote for a Mormon and Huck said he didn't know...which is him playing politics and actually saying no. His campaign has become "Mormons vs Us normal Christians." In an interview with the New York Times, he asked the interviewer, "don't Mormons believe Satan and Jesus are brothers?" What a bigot! Shame on him for his religious intolerance. Shame on him for saying that God loves him and his religion more than the other candidates. I really liked him at first but he is using Romney's religion to elevate himself and is basing his whole campaign on religion. This kid is going down.

Let's talk about Huckabigot's record: He was a liberal in a conservative state. You can look up videos on YouTube of him saying that he was willing to pretty much write a blank check of his support of raising taxes. He raised taxes 19 times, more than Bill Clinton. He took compassionate conservatism to the extreme and decided to force those beliefs on others. With those tax increases he gave tuition breaks to the kids of illegal immigrants. He pardoned 1,000 criminals, including 11 murderers, and one murdered a second time after he was released. Several of those pardons came about because friends and family members encouraged it, like his sister encouraging him to release a friend from high school, and pastors asking for criminals from their congregations to be released. I have the info if you want it. So our "Christian leader" candidate should have a squeaky clean past right? Obviously when I shape the question like that the answer is no. There were 19 reported ethical violations against him and he was convicted on 5 of them. The only thing conservative about him is his social conservative positions.

Mitt Romney is superior to the Huckster in many ways. For one, he isn't a bigot and isn't defining his campaign by his religion. It really bothers me that Hucky is doing that. But Romney does say that no matter what he will not betray his faith and if he loses the nomination because of it, so be it. Let's talk about the issues. Romney was a conservative in the extremely liberal state of Massachusetts. His biggest weakness is how he was once pro-choice and became pro-life as governor. People seem to forget that the great conservative, Ronald Reagan, also became pro-life, as did both President Bushes. Interesting how much trash he gets for that when Bill Clinton and Al Gore got no trash for changing from pro-life to pro-choice.
Everything Romney touches turns into gold. He's a good family man, who turned a small business into a very successful large business, came in and saved the Olympics, then was elected governor of the most liberal state in the country where he turned their $3 billion deficit into a surplus without raising broad based taxes. He's right on when it comes to issues- securing our border, going on the offensive in the War on Terror, fighting same-sex marriage, overturning Roe v. Wade, fixing our economy, lowering taxes, etc. This guy has got it together. He's the only candidate that unites fiscal, military, and social conservatives.

Anyway, Romney is it! He is the most qualified person to be our next president and he needs everyone's help. Huckabigot is pandering to the anti-Mormon block, and I want to fight back. There are several things people can do, including sending out neighbor-to-neighbor cards to friends in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida. If anybody reading this really wants to help out, let me know, I can give you lots of ideas to help out, but number one is encourage voters in these states to vote for Romney.

I should also mention that Hucky apologized to Mitt, not Mormons in general, for asking that question. The Christian part of me wants to forgive him, but my weasel radar is also going off. Turns out the Huckster spoke at a Baptist Anti-Mormon Convention in SLC in 98. So even though he says he doesn't know anything about Mormonism and asked the question out of ignorance, I still wonder. You be the judge. Here's a good article about why Romney is our man:


Bret & Carrie said...

Go Romney!! And down with bigots!!

Kyle said...

I love bigots! you guys are jerks. Oh, and Down with Politics!

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