Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's on, Kasey Beck!

I've become facebook friends with the enemy. When I google "Kasey Beck," there are a lot more web sites with the other Kasey Becks out there that show up. I found the one that gets most of sites...oh man, she's going down, give me a couple years and I'll send her to page 20.

Well, I saw Air Force One fly over the area, I saw the protestors and like 20 motorcycles with little flags parked, but I wasn't able to actually see Pres. Bush. It said in the paper that he was giving a public speech, but it turned out to not be allowed for the public- go figure. Hillary was in Council Bluffs on Monday, but ya know, I just don't have any desire to see her. I seriously cringe everytime I hear her talk. I really hope Obama or Edwards beats her in the primaries. I was hoping that she would win cause she would be so easy for Mitt to take down, but I think that the chances are better that the Clintons would just disappear completely if she couldn't even become the nominee. Plus I REALLY don't want her to win and so lets not push it.

Speaking of Romney...Wow! That speech last Thursday was amazing! Everyone should watch his "Faith in America" speech because I think this will go in the books as one of the great speeches in America's history. When somebody like Rush Limbaugh praises it and talks about it half his show it's gotta be good. This speech really made me proud to work for Romney and just proud to be a part of this church where these things are taught.

I love love love love love college fooball. This season has been absolutely incredible with all the upsets, and then the last day of the regular season- both #1 and #2 go down. This season didn't work out to be the greatest for BYU, due to our losses to UCLA and Tulsa, but everyone thought this season would be disappointing. It was anything but. I'm really excited for the next two years- I'm thinking National Championship contention.

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