Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Caucus--err, I mean New Year

The biggest thing this week isn't the New Year, unfortunetely; it is the Iowa Caucuses. It's game time, folks. And Romney is going to pull off the upset.

I pretty much lived out two movie scenes last night. The family went out to eat and me and Jamie were chatting. I can't remember how we got into it but she wanted to test out my observantness? I remembered a scene from Bourne Identity, so I told her told her if anything happened there were exits behind her and to my right. I told her I could take the guy to my left and that the most likely place there would be a gun was underneath the cash register. A couple minutes later she curiously asked, "but how do you know there's a gun there?" Haha, that was delightning.

So the waitress brought out boxes for some in the fam at the end of the meal so they could take home the food. I figured it would be better for me to also finish my meal at home, so I asked her for a box. So she went to get my box and as she walked away from the table, asked, "so you can't finish it?" with this challenging face. At that moment she was Biff Tannon and I was Marty McFly...and the music began. So I ate a little, but mostly spread the food around my plate. She came back and took back the box because I "ate" my food.

She fell for it. I haven't lost a step since I was a kid. Yeah, I still got it.


Bret & Carrie said...

Once again, it is moments like that which make me proud you are my brother.

Anonymous said...

and proud to be your mom!!!! You're too funny!!!!

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