Monday, January 07, 2008

"Tongue hangin out of your head and you was swimmin"

Ok...where to begin. It was a good Christmas and a good New Year's day...a good bowl season, good times with family, but the caucuses weren't that great. I was so busy last week with running packets to precinct captaings all over Pottawattamie and Crawford counties, making a ton of phone calls, organizing volunteers, etc. We had about 20 volunteers from Colorado come in, 1 from Connecticut, 1 from Oklahoma, and 1 from Alabama. It was a really fun week actually. It was actually a really fun week, I was so pumped about the caucuses. There were about 5 precincts at the site we went to, so it was pretty big. The Ron Paul people sat in one section, the Fred Thompson people sat in another, and the rest of us were on the opposite side. We had two huge Mitt Romney signs and we gave stickers to people as they came in. It was fun seeing friends, family members, church members, and old friends at the caucus. We did our best to get the crowd into it, the Ron Paul people kept on chanting for their guy so I started our side (it was mostly Romney people) up with a Romney cheer. The back and forth was fun, there were a couple of Romney fanatics...I was just glad they were on our side. We basically rocked the caucus. Because ours was so big we didn't get to vote until like an hour into it. By then a lot of people had called me telling me that Romney won their precincts. Things were looking really good, and then we voted. Romney-74, Huckabee-31, Thompson-20, McCain-19, Paul-12, Giuliani-9, and Hunter-1. I wish I would have known who the Hunter guy was. So everything was going well until I heard that they had already called it and Huckabigot won. I was pretty disappointed because from our perspective, Romney dominated. And Romney did dominate Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie county. So we all did our part. So yeah, I was pretty disappointed Friday and then Rush Limbaugh spoke right to me. He said, "conservatives do not look to other human beings for answers to improve their lives." He went off on how conservatism is different than liberalism and populism. Ya know, he has an excellent point. We make our own futures, not others. We do not look to politics for answers. It was a good back to the basics lesson.

This week has been just awesome! Man I love school! I'm sad that this is my last semester cause there are too many classes I wish I could take, too many books I wish I could read, too many languages I wish I could learn, and too many friends up here I wish I could spend more time with. It's been a great chillin with roommates and friends and just having fun. This semester will be unprecedented, there's no precedent baby!

I got in an accident last week. It was a windy day in Wyoming, a few accidents off the side of the road, so I took off cruise control, I hit a patch of black ice, and while I was skidding around I hit a mile marker. This little mile marker did huge damage to Trichy and she might not make it. She might be totaled. It's too bad I didn't roll it, that would have sounded cooler and more of a reason for it to be totaled. In my defense, the tow truck guy said that's the worst stretch of interstate in Wyoming. So whenever I drive by mile marker 138, I'll always slow down and remember the time I owned it and took it out completely. Sure I was a little shaken up, but ya know, that's life. Things like that happen. Colby's car, Trichy, pretty much kicked my trash that day. She wouldn't open the little door to the gas tank, a big ole piece of rubber was hanging down in the front, and some semi-truck guy nearly ran me off the side of the road. That was kinda scary cause there wasn't anywhere else I could go so I was prepared to just take it. I sped off when he let me and saw a big ole lit cross where his headlights were. He almost sent me to meet my maker. So there aren't too many good things that come out of wrecking your parents' car, but the insurance is paying for a rental car. It's a 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid. It's a pretty sweet car. It's very high tech and kinda confusing. The other night it took us 10 minutes to figure out how to even start the car to go to Del Taco. That was unprecedented. Man I love Del Tacos! That phrase is not.

I got my first ever fillings last week. It really isn't that bad letting the dentist work on your teeth if she's hot. Don't worry, she didn't have a ring on so I can say stuff like that.
"Another filling?...oh please, go right ahead, I don't mind."

In talking about Israel's control over Palestinian land, Bush called it an occupation. That is huge I think! I've never heard a U.S. President use those words. He's really pushing for a Palestinian state by the time he leaves office. I really want there to be peace in the Middle East, but the part of me that is familiar with Second Coming prophecies really doubts things will get better before they get worse.

I'm hoping I can make a big announcement on my blog soon, but I'll probably have to wait until March. Things could change after all. But I'm really hoping they don't.

This will be a fun semester, it's fun being back.

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Colby said...

Man you got some nerve calling my car "Trisha" after you total it. It's "Patricia," get it right.

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