Friday, January 18, 2008

Conservative Crackpot Commentary

I understand I am one, lol. But I'm totally cool with other opinions. I love passion, on both sides, and I love it when people are grounded in what they believe (though that was sometimes frustrating on my mission) and everything they believe works with everything else they believe. It really is fun and good to debate ideas because this is how progress is made. So here are my ideas on abortion why I believe them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with questioning, debating, and arguing in a respectful way.

If the argument is about giving women choice, then they should be able to get an abortion up until the baby is born right? Aren't we limiting women's choice by saying they can't have an abortion during the last trimester? Should the woman be allowed to have an abortion the day before the last trimester? or the last week? last month? When should women not be allowed to have choice? Shouldn't all the males and females that are aborted also be allowed to make choices? I'm all for there to be less liberals out there, but by convincing them through ideas not letting them kill themselves off.

Are all the women who don't believe in killing babies betraying their gender? Are they on the wrong side by siding with white males who run the government? Not only is it wrong to say white males are ruining the world, it's a logical fallacy. We can't make generalizations. Whites, blacks, hispanics, males, females are all on each side. Everything in politics should be about ideas not identities.

Women and men should be allowed to make reproductive choices, until it affects another person. Having an abortion affects an unborn human. People can make choices but they have to face the consequences. If the choice is made to get sexually active, there are consequences. Women who want their lives back fully understood what the consequences are. No one else can be blamed, especially the baby being killed.

Should the baby whose mother is addicted to crack not even be given a chance to live? Should children with fetel alcohol syndrome not be allowed to live? As far as rape and incest go, the church understands that abortion might be acceptable, but it should be decided prayerfully. The only thing is the possibility that people would lie in order to get an abortion. But these type of scenarios occur in less than 1% of all abortions. What's wrong with adoption? Progressive or modern should not mean allowing life to be killed.

There are far too many facts, stats, and philosophical arguments against abortion. There are these arguments on both sides. But we are talking about human life, a child of God. If there's any muddy ground I think we should stick with life.


Alan said...

A great politician and roommate once stated that abortions should be legal until the child has reached the age of 18. If the parents decide that their child hasn't been living up to their expectations or if they just don't like their kid, they can still have an abortion, as long as it's before the child's 18th birthday.

Caitlin said...

Oh Kyle...

Caitlin said...

Yeah, I actually read an article just like that this morning on CNN. It's true for the most part... and I'm getting a little disillusioned myself. Edwards is looking pretty promising... dirty politics is not how I roll. If it was the Clinton campaign or whoever, the mass e-mail about Obama being Muslim is just plain trash. I really wish everyone would stop attacking him on that one, he's not Muslim, nor has he ever been.... and even if he was, so is approximately A FOURTH of the world!! Come ON America. Get over it. I just want to find a candidate who I can agree on the issues with and respect as a person and I think will make a good leader. Where are they all?

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