Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I'm loving about college right now

Alan's blog format is pretty tight, so I'm going to copy it for this post.

1) Having fun. College is the only place you can play 8-player Risk- through the laptop, connected to the tv, watch a movie on another tv, have warcraft music playing in the background, while simoltaneously eating Buffalo wings because it's Buffalo wings appreciation night.
College students always complain about messy apartments, messy rooms, too much school work, no time due to work and such, and being tired all the time due to going bed REALLY late. With all that in mind, what did we do last night? Del taco, Risk, car racing, swing dancing, and took a picture of a HUGE snowman. I was getting ready to study cause I saw all my roomies on their laptops, concentrating intensely. They must be doing homework right? Jared was on facebook, Alan was shopping on ebay, Cannon was playing Risk. Luckily Amanda was there reading the Ensign...I think that kept our apartment from being struck by lightning.
Went contra-dancing last Saturday. That was a lot of fun. Check out Amanda's blog for pictures:

2) Games. Oh the games. Haha, they really are a lot of fun.

3) Figuring out what to do with your life. I just went to the career fair. Hmmm, do I want to work for the FBI, CIA, Army, Guardian Financial Group, Goldman Sachs, or a scrap book company?

4) Soviet meetings. I can't say anymore.

5) Distractions from the presidential race. I'd probably go crazy and into depression if I were home and just concentrating on the political stuff. Luckily other things are keeping me distracted in a good way.

6) Passionate professors. My American Government professor is a hardcore conservative. He's a really funny guy with awesome arguments. Yesterday we watched a couple minutes of a documentary on Civil Rights. At the end he was just bawling. You could just tell how passionate he was about this issue and how much he cares about people. Sometimes conservatives get the stigma that they don't care about people. Politics is about helping people. He articulated that well.

7) Snow. Everytime it snows I feel like Mother Nature is sticking it to Algore. Plus it's just fun to have all these extra toys around. We played football last week---So much fun.

8) Frozen pizza. Del tacos.

9) Paul Brogan NBA rap on Youtube.

10) Awesome classes: National Security Affairs, Civil Wars, Political Violence, Islam & Politics, and American Government.

11) How much everyone here loves President Hinckley. All miss him and realize how great a person and servant he was.


Janae Bailey said...

I agree. Those are very happy things :)

Alan said...

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Sara Elise said...

go with the scrap booking company. definitely.

Rica said...

I vote for the scrapbooking company as well.

Who wants to work for the government when our country is potentially going up in flames?

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