Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Push the pedal down, watch the world around fly by us"

Here's what the weather is like today: very cold, very windy, rainy, and just bland. Sometime after the devotional I walked out of the bookstore and the wind hit my face in the right spot that just made me intensely appreciate the earth and God for letting us use it. It's not perfect, but's certainly a heavenly gift from God. God is very good at using wind, stars, sunsets, and nature in general to knock me into submission, humility, and gratitude. I've been blessed with a type of sensitivity that I wish I could explain in words. Using examples might help, but it's really a feeling that I have that constantly lets me know that there is Somebody up above who is reminding me of how much He loves me. Losing that feeling of becoming dull to it really hurts, and is completely my fault. But I think I'm finally figuring out the implementation part. A really good scripture study everyday is a huge part of that.

Is it too much of a generalization to say that everybody wants the same thing? I think history proves that pretty well. People want happiness. I think that word is best understood when it's described as also security, purpose, and comfort. history shows people's struggles for that and misconceptions of what has to be done to get it. It isn't about power, territory, or materials. Nuclear weapons don't bring security, neither will conquering enemies or pressing religion on others. I could be way off in my choice of words that describe happiness, but I am not far off in saying that that is really what everybdy wants. The complete package of happiness is only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are loved so much that throughout history God has sent prophets to give us that formula and show us why we need it. Whenever I read about Joseph Smith I know that he had it and wanted everyone to have it. The General Authorities have it today and teach us about getting this complete package. I say package because there are definitely elements of it that one can have. But it's the complete package that is offered and the complete package that I want. Desire is the first step to getting it. That's tough to get. You can't give someone desire. They can get it by looking to those that have it and there occurs the kindling of a fire. One can also pray for more desire. But there's also a lot of hard work involved--which is what life is. We're not going to get the complete package in this life, but along the way we get chiseled, polished, and refined. And that is the brilliance of the plan. Lucky for us we have a Father who wants that for us and has lots of patience. I crave these little tender mercies along the way. They help remind ya that there is a destination, you're going up still, just a little off the path, but you can get back on. Keep going, those ahead of us tell us it's worth it. Be ready for obstacles. Stay focused. Stay sharp. Pay attention to details. Enjoy the journey. Help others.

...and vote Republican.


Becca said...

NICE ending.

Janae Bailey said...

Something I have noticed about happiness is that it comes when you truly allow yourself to trust in Heavenly Father, not only communicating with him every day. If you trust in everything He is doing and have faith that what He gives you will lead to eternal happiness and ultimately everything He wants for you, then you can be truly happy, even in the middle of a very hard trial. It's crazy how happiness can be so complex and simple at the same time :)

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