Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fleece it up

My computer has been down for awhile so I didn't think I could post pictures, but I figured out I can still get my pictures by uploading them onto campus computers. But yeah, I have a lot of pictures.

Haha, I love this picture. This is on the way to stake conference.

Utah can have a cool sky too.

Playing Risk on Cannon's computer

Met up with my Uganda peeps.
Colby's car.
Playing this fun winking game at the Bishop's house.
Attaboy Mitt.
Whenever I chat with Carrie on gmail, two text boxes always come up.

Me and Barack Hussein Obama.

Little la likes her beef jerky. Colbers doesn't like getting his picture taken.
My sweet ride for a month. A 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid. I should have taken some pictures on the inside.

I spied on the enemy. Mr. Huckabigot.
I walked downstairs in the morning and what did I see? A lamp magneted onto the ceiling. And Miss Jenny creepily standing there.

Eating with Apartment #3. We celebrated the joining of our two apartments through Kecca's (Kyle and Becca) engagement. Soon we'll all be roommates-in-law.

Mitt won Michigan. So we celebrated at Del Taco. Attaboy Del Taco.
A wicked cool sunset while walking home from campus.

Contra-dancing. Which has nothing to do with the nintendo game, I found out.
Wow, Tricia got taken out by a Wyoming mile marker #138.

We rocked the caucus.

The other side of the gym had a Ron Paul and a Thompson section. Our whole side was pretty much Mitt Romney. We had some fun chants across the court.

We were talking to Cannon, who we thought was in bed, but then he came upstairs, but it seriously looks like he's in there.

Adam and Cannon being boys.


Rica said...

I still can't believe Trisha got more damaged by a mile marker than Stella was by a utility van.

Yay for pictures.

Matters said...

I GOT A BLAHG!!!!!!!!

Rica said...

Blogs are only as good as the posts on them.

Kasey, good job with the name for her blog =)

Sara Elise said...

haha best blog post ever!

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