Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We watched more of the documentary about the Rwandan genocide in class today. It told the story of Monique (I think that's her name). She hid in a church with 5,000 other Tutsis. The governor of her province came into the church and said that everybody must be killed. The Hutu extremists started killing with machetes and guns. There was so much blood on her that when she hid under the bodies of the dead, one extremist kicked her and said, "this one's dead." She stayed in the church for the next 43 days, keeping the dogs off her dead friends and family, watching the bodies rot in front of her, because that was the safest place for her to be.

Yesterday night I was stressed about life such as my future, my career, school, etc. I wonder what Monique thought about when she was in there.

I am scum.


Rica said...

You would never be considered scum. Like any other college student, you have stress. I actually talked to my brother once about this kind of stuff, because I felt insignificant compared to his problems. As he pointed out, they're all relative to our time in life.

Sounds like an interesting documentary. I still need to see Hotel Rwanda at some point. And there are too many things I could profile you on for the paper.

Janae Bailey said...

Yeah, I still need to see that movie too. Did you have it or was it just rented?

And Kasey, you're not scum. Everyone has trials perfectly created for them. We're not meant to go through what Monique did for a reason. If anything, we can learn of strength from her. No need to get discouraged :)

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