Thursday, October 19, 2006


So we have this game at work, called Typer Shark, off of yahoo games. Anyway they let us play it at work cause it helps us type faster. So I've played this game SO many times and I've tried to beat it over and over. Today I was determined that today was the day. So I sat down and tried my hardest to accurately type fast. I was doing great, I had 13 guys going into level 21. previously level 22 was my PB (personal best). But I lost!!!! I lost 13 guys in 3 levels! I'm so frustrated now. I did get to level 23 but gosh! I want to beat this game so bad so I never have to play it again. I'll probably end up taking my frustrations out on my bros later during racquetball. Writing in here was good, I'm starting to simmer. My persistence is often a strength and weakness.

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Whitney said...

oo that game sounds fun i learned how to type in sixth grade and generally can type around 65-70 wpm, maybe more if i really try-that would be addicting i can tell!

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