Tuesday, October 10, 2006


First of all, how do I publish a title?

I have a rule that I will try to always abide by in my blogging action: If I have a problem with someone, I will talk to them, I'm not going to post it on my blog. So nobody should ever think that I'm trying to hurt them or that I have any other hidden meanings in my blog. I'm going to try to live up to that 100%.

"Having said that"... <~~~~nobody ever told me what the ... is called.

Apparently R22 thinks I know nothing about girls...although I proved last spring that I knew more than my sister did about a certain girl subject. Maybe they should give me "lessons on girls."

The next two weeks I have a couple blinde dates lined up, maybe I should ask out one of Chelsea's friends. In my defense about not having called her, when I try hooking people up, I arrange a double date or something and then I make sure it's cool with the two people I'm hooking up and then I have the guy call the girl a couple days before. That's how I thought hooking people up should happen. There are a couple of girls I'm interested in. I'm a pretty private person though, so I think that's why I don't really tell people about my life.

I'm a big planner and am always planning my life. Here's the latest plans: go winter semester, take French, go spring semester-take fun classes and Spanish, do an internship in Africa, come back for Fall semester, Winter semester of 08 do the D.C. seminar, graduate in April 08, get a good summer job and then go to graduate school (hopefully out East) and get a masters in public administration and another in International Affairs, and then land a D.C. government or interest group job, and then after 10 or so years move back to Iowa and get involved in local politics.

Jared should get back together with Erika. I think we should plan a little ahead and go camping in southern Utah in November-Decemberish when there aren't any good football games. We should also plan on going to Temple Square during Christmas season.

I actually really enjoy this whole R22-F6 thing. I hope everyone else does too.


Anonymous said...

p-dub loves it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan. And I'm sorry...I didn't know the protocol for hook-ups. I'll try to follow through on that one. Tchuss


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