Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Cell Phone

So I haven't had a cell phone the past week and a half and seriously every little problem or difficultly of mine lately has been because of not having a cell phone. BUT! I just bought one off ebay. The cheapest one I could find is the same phone I've had for the past year. I think our family will be getting new phones in April. Eventually, in like 5 years I plan on dropping a lot of money for a sweet phone that can do anything- detonate bombs, start cars, ya know. Do I have to say that I'm kidding? Cause lately the government has been busting lots of people who post things about breaking laws and stuff. Ha, Cannon's great, he accidently wrote in permanent marker on the board on the fridge, and it could have been pretty embarrassing for him. There's a squashed bug on the wall in the bathroom. Everyday as I'm getting into the shower I notice it. Councilina needs to know what Europeans motives were in making first contact with people from other worlds. Any ideas? She doesn't like any of mine. I don't like big font, it makes it seem like I'm shouting. I tried fixing it, but it wouldn't let me. I'm thinking about going to Homecoming Spectacular.

Good news! Japan won't try to get nukes in response to North Korea's pursuit for nukes. If you were worrying about it'll be alright.

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