Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Israel will be Israel
Bad news Jo, Israel looks like it's going to send in troops to the Gaza Strip to stop the movement of weapons from Egypt to Palestinians and that could delay the Jerusalem Center opening in winter. It kinda looks like it'll turn out like the Lebanon War--Israel has had enough with the terrorist groups threatening it and so they take it to them.

Ya know, I think Adam Channer is good for BitofWhit.

Did you know that the first official day of the United States of America government was April 6, 1789. Isn't that crazy?!! All these important things happen on April 6.


Sara Elise said...

oo adam channer may be good for whit. i never thought about that. he's a cutie.

kasey, start hooking people up.

Sara Elise said...

and why is your font so big?

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