Sunday, December 31, 2006

Alma 24:21

Hey all. This is Dallas again. You guys should respond to my post. Whitney was the only to respond to my last one and i was a bit disappointed. Thanks Whit. You're a cool cat.

So today in church was amazing. Carrie gave a talk on goal-setting, and prior to this talk Carrie explained to us (her family) that she didn't know how properly pronounce the word "prostrated". This word was found in a scripture, so obviously she wasn't able to change the word because if she did, it would have been blaspheme and we would've had to to hang her. so all of this was happening on the way to church. Kasey, being the great guy he is, decided it would be funny to confuse her into thinking it was pronounced a different way: "pro-strated" or "prostratted". I even mentioned that it would be really funny if she did pronounce it incorrectly during her talk. As you can probably tell, this irked Carrie a bit, and began to be "frustratted" hehe, that Kasey was confusing her on the proper pronunciation of the word. Church began. Carrie's talk came up. She pronounced the word: "pro-strated". Kasey and I busted up laughing. We got some looks. It was great. We love our sister.

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