Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Batman

I was asked an interesting question in the secret room today. I was asked what my perfect world would be like. It caught me off guard. Of course there are the usual things: Kyle and Chelsea would be together, so would Adam and Pottawattamie, Gavin and Blair, Cannon and Math Megan, Jared and Erica. But that was all I could think of on the spot. I'm still thinking about it, but here are some other things:
-There would be a del Taco right behind Park Place, replacing those trees that shed leaves all over our complex.
-You would be allowed to take pictures in del Taco.
-Moving walkways all over campus
-As escalator that takes you to campus
-If there were still trees behind Park Place, even with del Taco there, they would shed dollar bills.
-Park Place residents wouldn't have to take showers before entering the hot tub
-there would be trampolines and foam pits everywhere
-Bishop would have a facebook account and a blog.
-It would never be too cold to have a meeting in the shade
-There would be a high bridge behind the del Taco where we could throw off pumpkins
-me and Jane would have weekly missions all over the world
-Holland would be a half hour away
-We all had would have mutant powers

I'm still thinking...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the money tree in our backyard, and Bishops Mott's blog. If he really cared about us...

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