Monday, December 11, 2006

Why the world doesn't need PDA's

So Pinochet died. Kyle was happy. Pinochet was a bad dude that represents bad things the U.S. has done. We supported him, Castro, and Saddam to overthrow their regimes. They turned into oppressive dictators, more cruel and without ruth than their predecessors.

Pres. Bush is asking for advice from different people about what we should do about Iraq. It's good that he's asking the American people what America should do because this is a democracy, but the Iraqi prime minister is upset with some suggestions the people are giving him. It's interesting because there is more dialogue happening between Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Iran and Syria are supporting many of the terrorists that are fighting in Iraq. It has been suggested that we engage in talks with the Iranians and Syrians as well. I do support dialogue between countries because I believe there can be misunderstandings cleared up. But I agree with Glenn Beck who says that we should not go with the appeasement route that happened between Hitler and Neville Chamberlain, Britain's prime minister in the 1930's. Chamberlain and Hitler agreed that Hitler could have the Sudetanland of Czechoslovakia as long as Hitler would stop there. So they signed the agreement, but Hitler broke it and conquered most of Europe. We should not be seeking to appease Syria and Iran, but resolve differences.

Conversation, openness, and honesty are really the things that can solve international, domestic, and personal disputes.

I heard some good things in my political science writing class that are blog-worthy:
-Oliver Cromwell said, "In the bowels of Christ, I beseach you, think that you might be wrong."
-Regarding people as a means to an end is the source for many historic and present problems. That is the underlying feeling behind slavery, suicide terrorism, Risk, pornagraphy, etc.

My sister tells me that I should give a "general" report of recent joy ride me, Chelsea, and Kyle took. So us three and Cannon were talking about throwing that huge pumpkin in the Southridge parking lot after a bridge. We wanted to throw it off a huge bridge but there were none around. I said we could throw it off "the diving board" at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. Chelsea said we should go. Cannon couldn't go because he had to teach Sunday School the next day. So me, Chelsea, and Kyle left. We realized in the car that we couldn't go to California because we didn't have the pumpkin, and we couldn't go to Vegas because P-dub didn't come, otherwise we would have had a double wedding. So we went to Cedar City instead, got stuck in snow storm, were visited by the Virgin Mary, and discussed how the world should be according to us. The whole thing is Chelsea's fault. It was fun, thanks Chelsea!


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I'm glad Pinochet is dead. I'm also glad that Chelsea forced us to go to Cedar City.

Jacob said...

I really like how you dare to discuss world politics.

Chelsea said...

I really like how you dare to discuss PDA. Eewwww!!!!

Chelsea said...

And I also really like that I forced you guys to go to Cedar City.

Kyle said...

Council Blufs, out of the goodness of my heart I will bring treats to the party on Thursday. In fact I'll bring my share of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 10-fold. I'll also bring Shellie.

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