Monday, December 18, 2006

There you are Peter

Wow! What a weekend! I tell ya, playin football in the snow was so much fun, I am dieing to do it again.

I think I'm getting deathly ill. So Abbas, the Palestinian prime minister just called for new elections in the Palestinian territories. Last January, Hamas, a more Islamic radical party was elected to office. Abbas and his Fatah party were pretty corrupt and weren't necessarily getting much done. The problem, though, is that once Hamas was elected into office, the world pretty much cut off all aid to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are pretty much entirely dependent on aid from other countries. Aid was cut because Hamas refused, and still refuses to recognize Israel. It's interesting how the world works with some terrorists and not others. Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister who had a stroke, is in my mind a terrorist. I don't necessarily agree with it all because the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are the second most poor people in the world. More than 80% live below the poverty line. Well, the situation is pretty desparate and internal strifes are happening between Fatah and Hamas. I'm not sure what will happen in the elections but Civil War is possible, which would mean that Israel would come in with a heavy hand and possibly reclaim Gaza and the West Bank. It's unfortunate because a solution was nearly possible. Israel was getting closer to withdrawing to the 1967 boundaries, but I doubt that will happen now. My solution for the whole thing is for Israeli forces to control the border between Gaza and Egypt, for Israel to withdraw to 1967 boundaries and for Jerusalem to be made into an international city, governed by the UN. It's worth a shot.

I figured out what I'm going to ask Santa for Christmas. More patience. Patience with myself, others, and God. I think I expect too much from people. There was a great patience talk in the last conference.

Lilian sent us some German candy. Es ist sehr gut!

Chelsea's backing out of the Tijuana trip...I even got work off!! Grr. I think it's because we ended the engagement. Actually, Kyle ended it with P-dub, so Chelsea ended it with me, me and P-dub got engaged, Gavin and Chelsea got engaged, I broke it off with P-dub, Gavin broke it off with Chelsea, and Cannon and Whitney got engaged, and then I secretly arranged a marriage between Jared and Heather...just kidding. Actually, I think Councilina and Chelsea are right.

Props to Wes and Julie on the music video. There was a lot that happened in the video that I approved Cannon and Elizabeth hookin up. Check out Cannon's blog:

Home. Home. Home. I want to go home and be with Jamie, Kayla, Colby, and Mom&Dad.


Council Bluffs said...

And Brad and G&G, and I'll see T&T for the first time in almost a year.

Whitney said...

fyi: me and cannon did NOT get engaged-you suggested it but I never agreed: remember? i wasn't gonna play that game.

carrie said...

So the other night I had a dream about Palestinians stealing all of my stuff. It was kind of scary. Just thought I would let you know.

Jamie Beck said...

I love you Kasey

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