Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why the world doesn't need Kasey
I'm Skyler. Carrie got new slippers. There are a few things about our friend Council that many don't know...he is cursed. Allow me to explain. So he has his "Regression Line" theory and I would concur with that. My life's experiences further prove that CB is cursed. Here are a few short instances where I have reaped the benefits of his cursedness:
- When I was 6 CB convinced me that I could fly and so I jumped off a pool table and broke my arm.
- I broke my arm falling down the stairs and Kasey was at the bottom.
- Council was chasing me in a water fight and I tripped over a wading pool and the bone popped out of my arm, broken again.
- A 4th time that I broke my arm Kasey was again involved. He accidentally kicked my arm while jumping on the trampoline.
- If you thought the broken arms were bad, wait until you hear this: Playing basketball Kasey went after a ball and Skyler was in the way. So Kasey accidentally fell on Skyler into the corner of a brick wall and Skyler's head gushed open requiring 17 stitches.
- On a school trip to Chicago Skyler felt super sick and all he wanted was the window seat on the plane ride home. Eventually Kasey gave it up but it was too late...Skyler had appendicitis and missed school for over a month.

The injuries died down as we got older but even when I was thousands of miles away Kasey still affected Skyler's health...

- In Brasil Skyler had in-grown toe nails for most of his mish. How did Kasey influence this, you wonder? Well, in-grown toe nails come from bad shoes. Skyler got himself a pair of Havana Joe's because Kasey recommended them. Resulting in bad feet for 2 years.

Family and friends of the "Mexican Prison", I see a problem...Kasey. He has to go down, I must take him down...


Whitney said...

yea for hearing from diff bluffs-let's hear from the youngest of the clan (my favorite to be perfectly honest) ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I know a secret agent who might be able to help you out with your little problem.

005 said...

looks like you'll need to be on your guard.

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