Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog wars

Let's see, what to write. So in political science, everybody dreads the 200 writing class. We have a paper a week, learn everything from grammar to working with statistical analysis. Well, I just finished the final and it feels so good to be done with that class. I'll admit, though, that it has been one my funnest classes so far. My professor was amazing; I'll be sure to take more classes from him.

Next semester I'll be a TA for Br. Emmett for Geography and World Affairs. Dallas is going to take it. Skyler and Julia might. We'll see. It fulfills a GE so I think more of my friends should take it. It's a really cool class.

Hmmm, this Thursday we're spending $20 at Walmart. We do it every semester. It's really fun spending money on things I don't normally buy but want to- like frosted animal crackers. A couple of us are going to buy nerf guns too. My co-worker says his apartment has never been the same once they got those. They are rapid fire nerf guns where you can put 6 nerf darts in the cylinder. Nerf is a funny word. It'd be sweet if everyone in park place had one.

I always look forward to a new semester...new classes, new professors, new people, etc. I'm pretty pumped about my classes: American Humanities since 1877, Principles of the Founding of the American Republic, Theory of Int'l Relations, Congress and Legislative Process, International Political Economy, and Racquetball with Cannon and Dallas. I'm also going to audit Spanish and Family Finance. I have some hard classes but not having a 20-hour job will be nice. It's weird, but I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel. I'll only have one semester of classes left after the winter semester. I think I'm going to go summer term, and then next year winter I'm going to do the D.C. study abroad and hopefully get a job that will keep me out there.

I think I'm starting to enjoy my blog more because it's becoming more of a journal entry and such. I think nobody should delete their blogs so they are around forevery. That way my great-great-great grandson can read Embarrassment, BitofWhit, My Crazy Life, The Fruit Rollup II, Some things my head thinks up, etc. Man, what are our kids going to think of us?!


Anonymous said...

How the heck did you get into a raquetball class??? They are ALWAYS full!

Council Bluffs said...

Cool!! An anonymous blogger finally discovered my blog. Yeah I got mad skills, they asked me to take the class. j/k, had upperclassmen save spots. I cheated.

Whitney said...

oh, if our kids read these they'll love us cause they'll be able to see us as real people and not these old people that don't understand them-they can see that at one point i was funny.

cause cannon said...

Meet me at the frolicking ferrie on the second noon of the second night, instant morph, where the blind man's chest blossoms ferns like the wild cherry balm.

Anonymous said...

haha our kids (particularily mine) will think we were some nutty people!

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