Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've noticed that the thing to do lately is to state that the reason you're writing in your blog is because people pressured you. It's a sort justifying way to start out your blog, kinda like when you bear your testimony, mostly everyone will justify it somehow. It's not bad, just interesting.

Kyle and P-dub told me to update my blog, so I am. I have a lot to write about. So the other day Chelsea Wells proposed to me twice. Once in the secret room and again in her apartment with a ring. I said yes for the following reasons
1. I have a honeymoon that is expiring soon.
2. I'm tired of dating.
3. I don't think there is enough drama between R22 and F6. It's been a while since I caused a problem...this might do it. I have this theory that if there is anymore drama, somebody in F6 or R22 will die at the exact moment, so I kinda want to test that.
And the BEST reason... 4. She cooks good food and gives me brownies!!

In other news...
-Kyle and P-dub are getting hitched- congrats! Our honeymoon will be a fun double date.

-I really enjoyed Whitney's blog, it was very poet and made me think. It's interesting cause we all wish for those things. We have different wishes but are all pursuing the same thing- happinness. People are generally good. They are seeking the same things I am and just doing it the best way they know how. Unfortunetely we all make mistakes along the way, but those mistakes amplify the result.

-We're having a party in the secret room next Thursday at 11:00. I'm giving out the assignments to the regulars. If you're not a regular and want to come, ask me for your assignment.
Adam- Reese's pieces
Whitney- Reese's peanut butter cups
P-dub- Reese's peanut butter cups
Chelsea- Reese's peanut butter cups
Bret- Reese's pieces
Heather- Reese's pieces
Council Bluffs- Reese's peanut butter cups
Councilina- Reese's peanut butter cups and Reese's pieces

-Adam and Ben were in the hot tub, I really wanted to go in but had to study. Next time it snows in the evening, I will drop everything and go in the hot tub.

-I saw the following movies recently: Malcolm X, Paradise Now, The Nativity. I really liked all of them. They all affected me and made think about things.

-I read a recent quote by Elder Maxwell.

Elder Maxwell:

I have not seen any perspiration-free shortcuts to the celestial kingdom

Homework from school is surely a necessity, but does mental work squeeze out spiritual work entirely? Your grade-point average is very important, but what is your GPA for Christian service?

Doing Church work can develop vital reflexes, and the need for this form of work will never cease. But are you merely going through the motions?

Family work is vital too, but does it really go beyond merely keeping your own rooms clean and picking up your own clothes?

Whatever the mix of work, the hardest work you and I will ever do is to put off our selfishness. It is heavy lifting!


Whitney said...

yes! reeses pb cups outnumber the pieces and ya wanna know why??? cause they're BETTER!

Anonymous said...

What should I bring?

Council Bluffs said...

You don't have to bring anything. Just come and eat what the other fools bring.

Anonymous said...


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