Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our new dog, Little Jerry Seinfeld

Hi, my name is Dallas and KC (Kansas City) was nice enough to let me write on his blog. I am very grateful for this opportunity to express myself in the form of the "blog". I've seen some of you before. You've probably seen me once or twice at Carrie's or Council Bluffs'. I am 5'10". Approximately 190 lbs. I have hazelish green, googley eyes. I like to wear plaid. I enjoy playing sports, such as football, baseball, ultimate frisbee, and racquetball. I am a freshman and am living in M. Smith Hall of Heritage Halls. I enjoy being involved in prank wars. I know how to write weightlifting programs. I like to read when I have time to do so. I will begin serving my mission this summer.
I've had a good Christmas break. I've had the wonderful pleasure of seeing many of my friends from high school. However, I enjoy being at the Y much better, mostly because my friends aren't involved in any dumb stuff.
I like being taken seriously and treated as an adult. I was in Freshman Academy this last semester and can't say I enjoyed it too much. Most of it was probably because of my required Student Development class. It was a pain to go there every Tuesday and being lectured on the proper way to take notes and the different techniques of doing so. I recall being taught a lesson on procrastination and how it's the devil. That's all fine and dandy I think if you're in elementary or junior or even high school, but i thought it was a bit ridiculous to be taught that in college. I didn't feel like I was being treated as an equal. I think I felt more grown up in junior high when we talked about the Bush/Gore election in 2000. I apologize if I've offended anyone regarding their Freshman Academy experience. Keep in mind, that I'm not making this judgment on the whole Freshman Academy Program. I know the program was a great experience for some. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to be one of those individuals.
I'm excited for this next semester. I'm hoping to do better academically. I figure, last semester was okay to not do so well because it was my first semester at BYU, and I wanted to focus more on having fun. This next semester, I'm hoping to be more focused on school and preparing myself for a sweet mission. I'm excited for my mission prep class because I have Brother Bott. I've read some of his books and have really enjoyed them. I've heard lots of good things, so that should be good. I'm taking Geography 120. Council Bluffs is going to be my TA. I'm thinking that could be a really good thing or a really bad thing. Either he's going to be really easy on me, or he's going put me to shame and try to make me feel stupid. We'll see how it goes. I got a lot of my friends to take it with me. Intro to Film should be fun. I don't think it'll be hard. American Heritage should be good I think. Elder Holland's son is teaching it again, so I'm thinking no matter what, it'll be a sweet class. I'm taking the second half of the Book of Mormon with Brother Parker. I've heard he's a really good guy, so I'm excited for that as well. I was kind of disappointed with my first Book of Mormon teacher, mostly because I was in a class of all girls, except for two guys, me being one of them. So naturally, she adapted her teaching style to fit their needs and directed her thoughts to future mothers--kinda weird when you're the one thinking about a mission and marriage isn't even a twinkle in your eye, but that's okay I guess. Perhaps I should quit complaining because really, it's the Spirit that teaches, and I did learn a lot that way. Last of all, I'm taking racquetball with Council Bluffs. I'm really excited for that one. It's intermediate, so I know I'm going to get my trash kicked, but racquetball is fun either way. So that's me in a nutshell. Sorry this is so long. When Council Bluffs asked me if I wanted to post on his blog, I jumped with excitement at the wonderful opportunity and answered with the affirmative. If you have any questions feel free post a comment on my post. That would actually make me feel pretty special. But hey, I'm peacin' out, so you guys have fun. Wiedersehen.

-Dallas (Councilito Bluffs)

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Whitney said...

Hey! glad to hear ur break is goin' well. I would like to comment on the fact that I took mission prep with Bott last year and i must say it CHANGED my semester if not life-AMAZING, I also took from Br. Hollund for amer. heritage freshman year and he's also amazing-lots of funny clips to get his points across and you can tell he's passionate about what he teaches-all good stuff! enjoy!

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