Saturday, December 23, 2006

Having Fun with Carrie's Memory Card

We got home safely, I still can't believe that people doubted us. A bunch of people owe me $5.

Dallas got Councilina a Superman outfit for a present. Too bad it wasn't a batman outfit...j/k. It's really sweet and it fits really well.

So she took off and then we never saw her again. She was a pretty cool sister. But with Superlina out of the way, me and Kayla had fun.

So I went found some other good pictures on Carrie's memory card.


Haley said...

very strange pictures but very amusing

Jamie said...

Hope you have a very relaxing vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Cool Dawg! so how was the drive? I noticed that you guess had quite the council :) Anyway life's good in idaho.

Colbers said...

I love you Kasey

Whitney said...

those pics are AMAZING and I've got nothing on Carrie now with my pajamas!! man, someone get me a batman one of those! ya'll better crop those pics and make it look like she's flyin!

Anonymous said...

lolololololol!!! man, I laughed so hard when i saw those... as did my mom!

Thanks again for the ride home.. sorry for my doubts. YOU ROCK!!

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